kunst?ach ja, manche nennen es so; ich mache teller, tassen und kannen..."

hi all,
i wanna share a designer i found via a friends mother of mine. i saw wonderful designed plates and cups in her kitchen and she told me its from a woman who was very known in the gdr.(where i came from) the name of the designer is hedwig bollhagen(http://www.hedwig-bollhagen.de/). she was very popular because of her fine lined ceramics and beautiful designs. and it was affordable.

she was known as someone who put the idea behind bauhaus on a very simple level (not sure if simple is the right word here).if you find it on a flea market: you are a lucky girl. i have an eye open when i go over a flea market, because i fell in love with it. and you can use it still-well, thats what my friends mother do :-) and they do piggy banks! aren't they adorable?!
btw. the translation for the titel is:'art? well, some say it's art; i just create plates, cups and pitcher...'


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