start something new

okay. inspired by an event today

and having it on my mind for a very long time, i try to start a blog about design, art, fashion and things like that,that are tickeling me lately. don't expect me to talk too much about design, but things i will find interesting and inspiring me. that could be something i saw on the streets, or something i saw on a blog or something someone said to me or i read in a book. i try to keep this in english though i am not a native speaker. maybe i will change it from time to time and try to blog bilingual. i try to keep this as updated as possible. well, at least updated weekly, because i have a life after all :-)


decor8 said…
Congratulations Mandy! :) Welcome to blogging and it was so nice to meet you. :)

amanda james said…
thank you!hope to see you soon :)

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