so, i am thinking about putting some of my posters, postcards and art (made by myself) in frame and on wall. and i try to find out how i can do it in a good looking way. because i dont wanna have a mix and match style, which means frames in different colours. i don't mind frames in different shapes, styles and measurements. i think thats gonna be good, but i do mind about colour. my room is pretty much in neutral colours so i can put some colour in it by accessories but, and this is a big but, i dont want it in my frames. i want the artwork and everything i put in same frame to shine-not the colour. i think my room is a lot like me. i am a very less colour person when it comes to clothing and if so, its gonna be something outstanding and the rest is mostly in black, grey, jeans. think i try to hide-don't know where that came from :-)
so, im gonna show you some of my favourite looks on how to put a gallery on wall. here we go:
i can't really recall where i got these two from. i think the second one is from house to home (http://www.housetohome.co.uk/)
so, the last two are from ikea(2009, and 2007)
okay,let me know what you think of it.


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