illustrator katharine mcewan

i went to my local ikea shop the other day with a friend of mine. she was looking for some baskets like this one:

and i was looking for some inspiration. while i'm an ikea family member i have the honor to get a copy of their magazine called ikea family life. and to my surprise i saw i picture of a wallart i showed you before. so i had a closer look and it was the house of the illustrator katherine mcewan. i really like her art. she often, as i understand, illustrates children books. as you can see here:

and, i scanned a few of the pictures of her gorgous home in england, which i wanted to share:

yes, this is a must*lol*
and she showed some ideas of hers, just some crafty little things, like painting wooden frames and a deskand some wooden paper stands.
btw i wanna have one of those baskets too...


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