jean-philippe delhomme

i just found an great artist today whos work i know for a really long time, but didn't realised whos work i admire so much. he is featured today in "chic"
( - a really cool everyday show on arte( which i really, really love at the moment.

well, the artist i was talking about is jean - philippe delhomme. i like his sense of humor a lot, because it is a bit profound, and even sarcastic. which i like a lot, but at the same time he is not mean to the people who are his inspiration. and, he often works for fashion magazines such as vogue and glamour. if you wanna have a look at his works:
and here are some pictures:
this one calls: "collectors"
this one:"untitled(27 curators)"
and now some fashion illustrations:
for hermes featured in gq
this ones for ungaro
source of the pictures shown above:


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