do you feel inspired by life music?

well, i must admid, i honestly do. as often i went to a concert or a gig, i feel inspred. not only is it the music, but also the words and the talent the musicians show. and i often think to myself 'i wanna do that (again)' -writting song, not singing, im in a choir though- or something like 'wow, this is pretty amazing' and i am often blown away by the skills which were shown.
i had the chance to go to a wonderful night of new music hostet by roger woods a few weeks ago. the guys who had played on this event were pretty amazing and i enjoyed every single minute. among the host and tim neuhaus (who played just one song-but played more often around town) were guys i never heard before, which is the idea behind this nights, like martin marion, florian holoubek ,andi wisbauer and ryan t jacobs.

the night of new music was created by roger woods mostly to play his own songs(thats what he said ;-))but also to introduce new artists to an audience. well, they all did a pretty good job and if your around on feburary 8th just come and watch and enjoy ;-)

btw if your interessted in being on stage too, just contact roger woods via his myspace side. and for further informations abot the artists i mentioned, just check their sides-they are linked to their names.
pictures taken by amanda james except the second one.its from natacza soozie boon via roger woods.
martin marion

florian holoubek and tim neuhaus

ryan t jacobs

roger woods

andi wisbauer


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