my new camera

i ordered a new camera. and it came today with the mail. and i just LOVE it. i never had a digital camera before and i start to figure things out. my first post will be a picture of a present a friend made me. she gave it to me for christmas but we havnt met until yesterday. i love getting late presents. its like you are in the festive mood again ;-) so, here is this wonderful gift from her-handmade and in colours i love so much.and these are some pictures of my tiny little room. for some reason my wallcolour looks very purple(lavender?). its a warm grey and it changes its colour when the light is just right. and as you can also see, i have a lot of books. i love, love, love books so much. i am hanging new pictures and i will post about it later:-)

pictures taken by amanda james


hello mandy,
you need some more practice with the new camera :D
so I will stop by again later.
thanks for the comment
and don't be sad I will still keep my blog and you are always welcome as a visitor.
I wish you all the best for the New Year
xo xo
amanda james said…
haha...thanks...i AM constantly*lol* its great to have such a wonderful tool. ah, i only can imagine how much i can share here...uh...lovely...thihi

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