well, a tiny little bit with my new camera. still figure things out, but i discovered that wonderful function "makro" which was the main reason i bought this camera*g* (btw its this one i bought) and i really, really like it. its a new tool for sharing pictures here on my blog. as you could read yesterday i did some hanging on my wall. its not finished, because i need to buy new frames, but a few pictures are hanging. and i want you to see. the first one is above my bed. there is still room for two more frames. and the second one is above my door. i always wanted a supraporte(thats latin for "above the door") and so i decided to use these cute little angels. which were a gift from a friend of mine and its a detail from raphaels picture "the sixtin madonna" which you can see in the picture gallery in dresden (if you want a short trip of from holidays*lol*) well, i told you i will share my hanging and here it is:

as you can see here, i have a huge picture gallery myself ;-) i study art history and i grab ANY postcard i can get when im in a museum. i cant count how many cards i have and i reorder them once in a while to keep my mind fresh about art. btw these are actually photoframes and they were hold to the door by double sided tape which you can buy in any baumarkt here.(i forgot the word for baumarkt-need to look it up...ah...hardware store...uhm...tool time?)

pictures taken by amanda james


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