what do you wear?

i am not that kind of girl who feels very comfortable in dresses, but something has changed lately and i find myself drawn to dresses more and more. i think they are flattering and just awesome and added with a pair of leggings or even tights, because it is still a bit chilly, one doesn't feel too naked. because, that was always the point with me. i feel very often that i reveal too much just wearing a dress or even a skirt. but nowadays i like putting on a simple but great dress and thats it. so, tell me what you would like to wear, what you never thought would like to wear. i am curious ;-)

btw: i really would like to wear great high heel shoes if i only could walk in them. and often i find them just impractical:sigh:

but here are some gorgeous finds:asos

miss selfridgetopshop

pictures taken from the belonging websites


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