birthday party with barbecue

a very old (reading:long time; since second school) friend of mine had her birthday coming up. and for the very first time since we know each other we could actually spend the day togehter. she and her husband decided to have coffee and barbecue in their garden. along with their children two four year old twins. so, i had to put an outfit together which was practical and nice in the same. and the day was also freezing and windy as sunny-well mostly windy. and i had to pack something that will protect me from that cold and windiness of the night as well. this is what my outfit looked liked:

i even thought about a second pair of shoes! am i not thoughtful?! well, yeah, i know ;-)
the day itself was great. a lot of cakes(straberry!!!), barbecued vegetables and laughter and chatting. i really enjoyed it very much. hope you guys have a wonderful day to look for!


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