new layout

well, kind of. i was a bit bored with the old one, so i decided to edit it. and i also edited the blogroll. which is a bit kinda surprising, 'cause its all enrolled in one big piece. people doesn't know what to expect ;-) and i also edited a few new ones. hope you guys like it.

i realised i haven't done very much on this one lately. i try to figure things out and also try to update a bit more regularly. stay tuned.

till then check this guy out. i recently discovered his work on flickr.

jane fonda

patricia whittle

the great photographer of these stills is bob willoughby.

all pictures by bob willoughby taken from his flickr photostream.

oh how i love, love, love black and white photography. i don't know why. i guess, it's the lack of colour. sometimes i think colour is a bit to distracting, don't you think?


Elveny said…
I like the ironic undertone/tongue-in-cheek in "I like black-and-white-pictures for their lack of colour" ;)
amanda james said…
to be honest it's not :/ i really like them for that point. sometimes i just think colours a bit to overwhelming and a b/w picture just shows what it's really is about. but thanks ;-)

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