homes i really adore

took the pictures from my flickr contacts ;-)
i like their homes for many different reasons. but i think what i like most about them, is how they create such a uniqe style with such an eclectric flavor. i wish and hope i can create such a home when i have one for my own. looking forward to it :D

decor8 (above and below)

jasna (i already made a post about her apt)

most of the wonderful homeowners have a blog where you can watch their spaces. i often do it. just to get some inspiration.

have a nice weekend!


Elveny said…
Beautiful...! I love my WG and my rooms here but the possibility of creating my very own home makes me more and more crave for my own flat. Really does. Hopefully, I can find my own this year.
Boubou said…
Bonjour !
First time i come across your blog, well i wanted to invite you to check out my daily collage inspirations on my blog boubouteatime if you have some time,
a bientot !

nookie said…
they are all beautiful

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