in need of a laptopbag

honestly, i have a laptopbag, but somehow i am not satisfied with it. i just thought i am totally fine with a bag in a sporty style, but i was wrong. nowadays i am longing for a cute and feminine but yet roomy bag which carries all my belongings. i want to write my thesis in winter and i wanna have a bag which has style and is (of curse) affordable. so i did some research through out all the online shops i know and this is what i came up with. seems i like either bold colours or more natural. hm..what do you think?


as always: pictures belonging to their (linked) websites ;-)


Cookie Queen said…
I like the first and the third one most. And of course the Oilily bag is also very cute, but perhaps it doesn't go very good with all of your clothes. I would take the first one!
amanda james said…
yeah...i really consider the first one...we'll see :D
Elveny said…
Like the first best, too ;)
amanda james said…
the colour is just awesome! but i am afraid, it's not roomy enough :/ well, i like the moop-bag too, but the colour:gnah:

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