lovely outfit

one of my daily reads is bits and bobs blog from the lovely alisa. she also has a flickrstream. i really like her outfit post and especially this one. so, i thought i might put something together that might fit into my wardrobe ;-) so, i hope you have fun watching as much as i had putting this together.

early to bed dress by rareturtle via etsy

Premium Curved Seam Leather Bomber by asos

90 Denier Black Tights by monsoon

Washed Leather Buckle Detail Detachable Strap by asos

Mixed Metal And Bead Multi-Strand Statement Necklace
by asos

photos belong to the linked sites.


alisa said…
Awesome! Thank you so much for your compliments<3 Your picks are so lovely!!!
amanda james said…
thank you for inspiring me!

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