weekly round up

...again ;-)

if you ever are in need of a nail-manicure-tutorial use this. its for neon nails but i am pretty sure you can use it for almost every kind of nail polish.

i really like this collage.

when you are in desperate need of a photo tutorial ez of creature comforts found one via another blog ;-)

holly from decor8 found some great and inspiring photographers on flickr. they are worth watching!

and i found this great berlin guide for those of you, who want to visit my hometown :D

one of my favorite blogs sfgirlbybay has this serie called unexpected guest. and this time her guest was dottie angel. a great artist whos flickrstream i descovered just recently. and i reall, really like her style. (she also has a blog and an etsy shop)

a great german interiourblog is 1richtungsblog. whos post about dinnigrooms i really like.

and here is something for fun to anticipate. well, i did. we'll see whats happen.

and last but not least, something for those of you who loved the devil wears prada.

and have a lovely weekend!

picture by a dharma bum


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