blogger meeting ;-)

yes, i went to a tiny little blogger meeting yesterday. just anna sterntaler and me. and it was great. sharing the same passion for the same things is always a good start :D and she was so kind, to give me something i said i would like to have when the shop(hema) were around here. of which she blogged about here.

isn't it cute? i love dots and stripes and i think i mentioned my love for it before ;-)

and for now, excuse me, the new ikea cataloge has arrived-finally!

have a nice weekend i will go to the i think i'll post some pictures on tuesday, while working on monday the whole day :-(


Cookie Queen said…
I love hema, luckily, there's one in our town!
And the ikea catalogue arrived at us one week ago, made my friday afternoon!
amanda james said…
honey, you are so sweet! i am so envious that you have hema in town :gnah: but one day, when i travel to amsterdam again, i will buy the whole shop!!! ho did you liked the new ikea catalogue? i am not sure right now...
Anna Sterntaler said…
Vielen lieben Dank für den netten Post. Fand unser "Blind Date" auch super toll!

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