do you read?

hello everybody, my question is a bit unusual, but i really want to know if you read. not online, or a newspaper or anything like that. but a real book. i often think that people don't read that much lately. there are so many things that could be distracting that i often wonder if people read. i mean, i know people read, but they don't seem to talk about it anymore. so, i am really, really curious if you read. what do you read?
and to make it more interesting to you here is a list what i read lately and recently:

the timetraveller's wife by audrey niffenegger
the curious incident of the dog in the night time by mark haddon
the lovely bones by alice sebold
the millenium trilogy by stieg larsson
the chemestry of death by simon beckett

recently/reading now:

written in bone by simon beckett
whispers of the death by simon beckett
life of pi by yann martel
the gun seller by hugh laurie

so, tell me about it. what do you read and where? i love reading in bed and in the tube while driving from home to work or uni and back.i love it when a story captures me that much, that i lost the track of time. and one day or the other i nearly forget to get off of the train ;-)

picture taken by me


Elveny said…
Hell, yes, I do!
I paused quite a while during the last year due to my reading obligations for university but at the moment I'm all game again. Always loved books, always will. At the moment the Sookie Stockhouse books by Charlaine Harris and some other stuff. You know my reading list at my blog - and I do miss quite a lot of books ;) In France, I read two books a day, for example. Okay, depends on the book, but I'm a fast reader.

At home, outside, on the bus or train... whereever I can.
amanda james said…
yay, i know you read a lot ;-) and i am a fast reader too. a new book every two days suits me fine.

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