my first award

...thanks to anneke of cookie queens's diary. she thinks my little blog here is inspiring to her. this feels so cool.thanks again :-) i feel very special. part of this award is to give it to the five blogs you think are inspiring to you and here they are:
alisa of bits and bobs
anna of anna sterntaler
maria of kiss the frog!!!
anita of 1richtungsblog
carrie of wishwishwish
and kat of secrets of a butterfly

and if i didn't get this award from anneke i would have give it to her ;-)

and i have to mentioned 5 things i like:

1. coffee. not really surprising to the people who already know me. i love everything about it: the smell, the taste, the variety in it's forms, how it smells when its freshly brewed and roasted. hm..yummy...i think i need a cup right now :-)
2. reading!!! i just love how a good story can capture me into another time and space. and i have to admid very often i am so much into a story i forgot where i am. reading is pure magic!
3. i love washing my clothes. it's was a real nightmare when our washing machine broke and my pure joy when our new one was delivered! hah! :D
4. hardware stores!so many things you can buy and so many possibilities...hui.
5.being with my friends and laughing a lot. i love them so much.they are my wind beneath my wings-if you know what it means...


alisa said…
aaaaah Amanda thank you so much!!!! This is such an honor:0) I really appreciate this little token - it has totally made my day<333333
Cookie Queen said…
I love your blog! And I also love washing my clothes, it's so easy, you just put your whole stuff into the machine, add washing powder (did I already mention I love its smell?!), close the door and push a button. Cleaning's much more work...
kat said…
Thankyou for the award amanda and thanks for the link too. With butterfly wishes kat x
1richtungsblog said…
Hi Amanda! Vielen lieben Dank! Das ist auch mein 1. Award und ich f├╝hle mich sehr geehrt! :)
Lg aus Graz! -Anita
Anna Sterntaler said…
Wow, das ist ja super lieb von dir. Vielen Dank!!! Juchu, mein erster Award,hihi. Finde auf jeden Fall auch, dass wir uns mal treffen sollten...

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