new diary

as you might know, or maybe not, i am a student of ancient history and art history. and according to that i go to the museums as often as i could. well, at least i try :-/ i stumbled upon this cute diary while window shopping in the city and i couldn't resist. i like the colour very much. which is very unlikely to me. i don't like yellow that much. but i like it anyway and i think it's a great idea to have a diary for your trips to the local and not local museums. of course you don't have to buy it as i did. and you can easily make by yourself, but for a lazy person as i am are this is just great. you have plenty of room for your writing and even drawing or just sketching and it offers you a little plan for a few museums around europe one might be interessted in. but thats from me and have a look at the pictures:


Anna Sterntaler said…
Wow, das ist ja cool! Wie teuer war denn das Schmuckstück? Habe auch Kunstwissenschaft studiert und ein Notizbuch für Ausstellungen kann ja auch nach dem Studium nicht schaden;)
amanda james said…
knapp 5 euro. gabs bei hugendubel im modernen antiquariat. also am tauenzien gibts noch'n paar ;-)

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