...makes fun!!! and tasting is even better ;-) oh i wish i could have a slice of it right now. the smell is just divine. you can't imagine. even my mom, who dislikes cakes and baking, said it smells delicious.
well, i think i should do this more often.
i know a lot of people who will happy be volunteer for sorting different tastes and cakes out.

and here is what i am talking about:
apple cake

lemon cake

almond cake

i hope my collegues will like them. but i am pretty confident. the liked the last one, they will like these :)

edit: not only did they liked them i hear comments like: "yummy", "delicious"," you are a baker!" and : "can i have the recipe?" which is always good :thihi:

pictures taken by myself ;-)


alisa said…
oooooooooooohmigod those all look SO good! I am so in the mood for cake!!!
Cookie Queen said…
they look so delicious amanda, there's nothing left, is there? ;o)
amanda james said…
i am so sorry, but they loved it so much. they left nothing. i was lucky to have a tiny little slice to myself.
Melissa said…
Oh wow, the apple cake is beautiful. It looks so delicious!

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