in need of... apron. honestly, i don't have one and i never wanted one. because mostly aprons reminded me of something my granny used to wear and believe me, her aprons were never in style or fancy or something like that. but if you remember-i love baking and cooking, but baking i think is more satisfying. anyway, i got this habit to clean my hands on my clothes so, i really have to watch out for same clothes. cause i can't change every 10 minutes or so, can i? (i used a towel last time i baked!)well, i think it's time for aprons. i found out they are practical, i don't have to change and they are cute as hell. and not as boring as they used to be :-)

note: for some reasons i am not able to upload any pictures to this blog. so i thought i link to the sources ;-)

i know this is something i didn't do usually, but it's better than nothing, right? good, so here are some great apron-styles for you.

an apron who know whos the best in this baking business ;D

one you can use on both sides

one who says what we are being in the kitchen and cooking/baking all that stuff ;-)

a really nice one from a swedish brand with four pockets (always usefull)

and another from a swedish brand- more known for its design...ehem...

and one i like its design (dots!!!) very much but its a bit costy (well, for me being a student)

well thats from me for now. i am really, really sorry for not posting any pictures. i WILL figure things out.


Cookie Queen said…
I have that same terrible habit, I really need an apron too. Want to sew one, but haven't got a pattern yet...
amanda james said…
hm...can't you find one by yourself (i mean a pattern ;-))? i am a willing volunteer in that case :D

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