i'm on my way

 to a friend of mine. it's her birthday and for the very first time i spend it with her. and i am so excited. i haven't seen her since the beginning of july?! i guess. and it's been tooo long. so, we are going by car and the drive will take about 6 hours. a girl needs some comportable clothes, so this is what i will look like tomorrow:


alisa said…
omg SOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!! I love<3
Tomiii said…
Na du =)
Ich dachte mir, dass ich dir als neuer Leser deines Blogs ein Kommentar da lasse. Gefällt mir hier.

Ich lass dir nete grüße und Küsschen da.
dein Tomiiiiiii
amanda james said…
@alisa: thanks hon, it was really comfy ;-)

@tomiii: vielen dank ;-)

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