you all know i love to buy stuff over at etsys. one day i checked my mail adress and it contains this little message:

hi amanda,

This is Ninexmuse, come and visit my shop, you might find your heart item
here, enjoy:)

well, i must admit the seller was right! there are so many little treasures there one can hardly choose just one item to buy. well, i bought two cute little necklaces and they are so great i would love to wear them the whole time. but i think all the other great necklaces i own would be a bit jealous. 
so, lets have a look for yourself. and maybe you find something for your own ;-)


pictures: pic 1 and 2 by myself. pic 3 and 4 from ninexmuse's etsy shop.


Cookie Queen said…
those necklaces are too cute!! the ballet shoes are best, but the others are also very very great!
amanda james said…
yes, they are really awesome and affordable! in case you want something for christmas ;-) (it's only two month away!*gosh*)
Style Taxi said…
These glasses necklace is wonderful, all in all really good necklaces with a perfect charm!
Ninexmuse said…
you can also find me on my own website now

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