christmas purchases

you think i already bought everything by reading the post-title, did you? well, you are wrong. i did some shopping, but only supplies. to wrap some presents. and i did some knitting for a friend of mine (just to finish one thing)

but i will show you anyway. so, first of all a few ribbons from frau tuple. a great shop to by fabrics and other things to sew. the shop was highly recommended by few bloggers and friends. and i bought some wool over at loops a shop, which was also highly recommended to me(thanks again for telling me guys!) but i will show you in another post what i bought there.

among the hat for my friend i startet one for myself which i will finish today, because there are only a few rows to knit ;-)

and i did some baking this weekend. a stollen. which was pretty really need some muscels in your arms! but it looks good. and i hope it will as taste as it looks.

pictures taken by myself


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