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hiya all,

today i want to introduce you to the lovely juliane of St.Anderswo. i came to know her work over at Kirschgeschmacks blog and that great "product of the day " feature at DaWanda.

well, on friday was the day-i met her for the first time and i met a very nive and lovely young woman. she made green tea and we ate vanille-kipferl (i suppose it's called vanilla cornets) we both seem to love it ;-)

we did a little interview (in german) and i try as hard as i can to translate.

me: first of all i want to know what did you studied?
StAnderswo: fashion design ( or in the term she likes most: bekleidungsgestaltung)

me: was there a particular reason/event for opening the shop?
StAnderswo: no, there wasn't. colleagues of mine (tilt) happend to find this place, our studio, and were asking me if i liked to join. and i thought: why not.

me: so, how long you've been doing this?
StAnderswo: my scarves? about a year now. in this studio? about two years now. before i startet with my scraves i did some dresses and things people were asking me for, but i realised it is much more satisfying to do my own stuff.

me: did you sell online only or can one find your work in shops?
StAnderswo: no, i don't sell online only. i do some craft markets (i.e. holy shit shopping) and my work can be found in several shops like godblessyou or freistil.
i really like doing markets because you got immediately reaction on the things your selling. and i can react on this very fast like if a costumer wants to have something altered. i also like doing some alternations on my scarves, so my costumers get the scarf they want.

me: where do you find your inspiration?
StAnderswo: i often find them in the materials itself. if it feels good and looks good i want to do something pretty out of it as soon as it gets. but i am also a sucker for colours. one of my favourite colours is red(she wore a bright red blouse the day we met). i love clear contrasts. and one of my all time favourite source of inspiration comes from the folklore side of life. i really like the embellishmends on those items.

well, it was a wonderful friday at her studio and i hope i hear from her work more often.

 i hope you guys had as fun reading this as i had doing this. 

(oh, if anyone wonders, she wears her own creations of course-and i do to ;-))

pictures taken by me


Elveny said…
Wow, I love the scarves. They're adorable!
amanda james said…
yepp, i thought so too ;-)and very, very comfortable!!! i wear mine the whole time since i got it.

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