new wool purchases

i asked you a while ago for some wool shops around town. and you guys were very helpful. 
so today i wanna show you a few wool balls i bought recently. and they are in colour(you remember my renunciation of colour? i am the girl who only wears colour as an accessory abite from that black, grey and jeans) well, the wools are for items i wanna do for friends of mine and they do love colour and i really enjoy knitting something that is not black or grey or in a neutral colour. maybe, maybe we'll see someone wearing colour more often...

bought at idee 

both yarns bought at loops

pictures taken by me


Nicole said…
Very cool, what you make out of wool.
btw i love the colors

Phantasias Temptation
amanda james said…
thank you! i love the colours too. i fell in love immediately ;-)
Tomiii said…
nice colours =)

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