i am pretty sure you want to know what i am working on these days (just a couple o' weeks till christmas!) well, i think it is no surprise to you that i am still working on some scarves and hats and wristwarmers. i show you what i finished and what i knit right now.

do you remember jasna? i did a post about her lovely home and i think we startet a little online friendship. she was asking if i could knit a pair of wristwarmers for her and i am glad to do so. she bought the yarn and send it to me and now i am sitting in front of my tv, watching a dvd and knit as fast as i can so she can put her wristwarmers on when it starts to get really cold ;-)

up: new scarf for a friend, down: begining of jasnas wristwarmer(isn't her colour choice grand?!)

pictures made by myself


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