a may wedding

a friend of mine will be tie the knot in may and although the invitation isn't here yet, i know i am invited(she told me recently ;-)). so, i spend an amount of time over at polyvore and other fashion/online sites to see what i might be wearing. seems i found/create at least two sets which i think i could wear on that special day.

yes, i know, one doesn't wear black on a wedding. but it isn't black at all. and i tried to down it a bit with all the nude colours.

this one looks a bit more posh- i must admit. but i like it anyway ;-)

have a nice weekend everyone. i see you next week!


Christen said…
I would go for the second look. The color of that dress is just so dreamy!
amanda james said…
i know what you mean. it is just gorgeous. but a bit pricy i must admit. not sure yet,but i'm considering...

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