shamelessly birthday wishlist

in a couple of weeks i'm turning older ;-) (hah, you thought i'll let you know the age? no way) but i thought it might be fun to come up with some lovely little things i like to have, though i know this is only a wishlist a girl can dream, right?

a coffee cozy for my french press

it's from pinkdixie.

next one is a knitting case (and i am pretty sure you know why)

this one is from go monkey design and this one is also great.

so the next thing is a lovely beret. i know i can knit them myself, but sometimes one is just lazy ;-)

it's from soft spoken and she has a lot of great knitted and croched things in her shop.

and the next one is a bag. well, you know i'm a girl and a girl can never have enough bags and purses and with this one i can carry my laptop and books and a lot of other things in it...

this one is from moop (one of my favourite shops...)

well, i am not only drinking coffee but also tea and to keep it warm i would like to have one of these thermos flasks. aren't they adorable?

they are from ok-versand and they are not the only ones there...

pictures taken from their belonging sides


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