i am a bit exhausted today for random reasons so i don't post anything from my own but want to share a few things i found recently.

first of all, a few of you know that i am not so happy with the current state of my home desk. anita at 1richtungsblog found some gorgeous pictures of neatly put together desks (which i all wanted for myself)

summer of design is mine has the same idea. seems we all want a great office at home:sigh:

little brown pen did a paris colour series which i love. yesterday it was grey on her blog and i love grey!

i like the house tour of libby alexander on sfgirlbybay's blog. it's a weekly feature and i am a sucker for it. it is as if you were guest in their houses but not seen (i like that ;-))

lolalina found some great style inspiration of gamine chic and i must say, i also love the french sense of fashion. one day, i will develop something like that for myself(well, i hope)

so, i am sorry, for not posting anything created by myself i still feel you will like the things i found.

have a nice weekend!


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