whimsical stationary

hello everybody,

i realised i haven't talked to you in a while and so i decided to share a few of my latest stationary items i recently purchased with you. as you might have noticed i love, love, LOVE cute and whimsical things and all the shops i want  to introduce to you are having things like that. everytime i see something cute i imagine the person who is opening my letter and see the sweet paper my letter was written on, or recognised the little stamp sign in the end or just, while watching me working, start to smile while i use my leaf formed post-its to bookmark something i don't want to forget. and be honest with yourself, aren't you a sucker for those things too? see, i knew it. ;-) so let's have a look.

above and below: artbox



haven't i told ya? these items are too cute.everytime i came back to those shops i find something i 'wanted' wanted. you know what i'm talking about, don't you? :sigh:

pictures taken by me.


My Owl Barn said…
I love those rubber stamps, especially the one with the stars :)
amanda james said…
yeah, it's lovely isn't it?

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