frankfurt: botticelli exhibition

hello everybody,

i hope you had a great weekend. i had one. it was filled with little girls, a lot of laughter, food, games, meeting friends. 

talking of friends, you know i spend some time in frankfurt and it happens an exhibition took place of an artist i really, really adore: Botticelli.
he is very known for his paintings: primavera and the birth of venus. and was one of the best known painters in renaissance.

the exhibition is very small but nonetheless very, very good. that good people had to queued up! and it took me nearly 2 hours in waiting. but there is a soulution to that. the people who organised this exhibition extended the opening hours and when you spend more than a day in frankfurt there is the possibility of buying a voucher (that's what i did) and just go the other day without waiting in queue.

so, if you are interessted in art as much as i am-then go and see as long as this is in germany.(btw with your ticket you can see all the other great pictures that are in current exhibition)

staedel-museum for further information

as always: pictures taken by me


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