Frankfurt: the smallest library in town

last week, well honestly now its been two weeks, i spend some time in frankfurt/main with a dear friend of mine. she is living next to the bergerstrasse which i highly recommended to you for it's little fashion shops, cafes and of course book shops. there is one on a corner near to u-bahn/metro station merianplatz with a cafe in it! they have great breakfast- perfect for a sunday morning! 

but i don't want to talk about that. while wandering up and down i found this little closet, so to say, filled with books. and the little sign on it says: smallest library in town. everyone can lend books for free and donate books, only you have to write in the book you donate that you do so. isn't that a cool idea? i was head over heels for this. well, you know why, don't you?

i wanna share some pictures with you. 




pictures taken by me


Anonymous said…
I always go to Frankfurt for the bookfair in October but have never seen that little library. Will look out for it next time!
Christen said…
So freaking adorable! I love this!
Elveny said…
Such a beautiful idea! :)
decor8 said…
We have this in Hannover too in several locations. I hope it continues to spread to other cities. It would go really well in Berlin don't you think?
amanda james said…
hey all, it seems this little library really are a success! ;-)

i think it is one of the cutest things i've ever seen.
and yes, i think it'll be great in acity like berlin. well, accordingly to the link you've(decor8) postet several weeks ago- there are a few arond my area. i will check it out and then share :D

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