WhatchaWearingWednesday and Whats in your closet?

it's wednesday and you see this ;-)

and while browsing through different blogs i found a peek into dottis closet and i wanted to do so too. (anna sterntaler let you also see what's inside hers) i am always cusious about other peoples closets, but only the closest friends will let you have a peek into theirs.





my closet is from ikea and the hangers for the belts and skirts are from tchibo-if you want to know.

and as always pictures taken by me.


Elveny said…
Uh, I like the outfit, suits you!
ivy style33 said…
I really like the by colour arrangement and all the wooden hungers....I'm thinking of making pictures of my winter closet,too before the change of the season.
amanda james said…
@elveny: thank you! you are so kind!

@ivy style33: one day i realised i didn't knew what i had in my closet and i decided to colour coordinate. and all of a sudden i can actually see whats in there ;-) besides i get rid of things i didn't liked anymore or didn't fit in anymore...

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