hello there!

i know it's been a bit slow and silent over here, but i do feel a bit uninspired lately. sad but true. i am (not) in the mood for spring although i wish that it starts now (while i write it snows-again). but i still think it's great to have such a long and snowy winter. that doesn't happen that much anymore. well, anyway i try to be better in posting and so you see i didn't forget how this works i wanna share some of my online finds with you. 

a cute dress-for the one who loves dresses. 
and would like to wear this on a wedding party.

and another one...isn't this adorable? just make sure you have a look at her blog too. 

well, spring means everything new (okay, kind of) so why not add a new mug to your collection?

and with this one you don't even have to ask when you consider yourself the silent kind of person in the morning ;-)
or you have alice for a cup of coffee (the mad hatter is also somewhere...)

and speaking of something new, i'd like to add new cushions on my sofa.

doesn't this one screams spring?
i like this cushion very much. it reminds me of my grannys old towels

and i love to see great posters or photographs. which is, in my opinion, an instant installment to your walls without much effort and cost...
this one is called 'spring greens' and make sure to check her blog it is inspiring (and she has a spring special in her etsy shop the whole march...)

and make sure to visit {the ardent sparrow} EVERYDAY the following week for there is a huge spring giveaway the whole week. i will check back everyday that is for sure! 

i hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

pictures are taken from the belonging/linked shops


Shelby Levesque said…
I had just a few warm days with the windows open, but it's supposed to snow in a few days.. I know how you feel. ):
that spoon mug is fabulous! I'm really into quirky coffee mugs lately :)

Have a lovely weekend!
amanda james said…
seems spring starts over here and i had my windows open the whole day. thanks for you thoughts :)
amanda james said…
@passport in my pocket: me too! when you are very, very tired in the morning and you see something like that it really brightens up your day!

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