yes, believe it or not, i saw the acedemy awards this night(and i still feel a bit sleepy though). and i must say i liked it very much. and what else could i talk about today others than the fantastic dresses the actresses wore for that special event.

i wanna start today with the actress who won the oscar for best female in a leading role: sandra bullock. she looked stunning in her marchesa dress. almost like the little fellow she won. i never saw her that beautiful (and i liked her acceptance speech very much-very touching).

next is the fantastic dame helen mirren. who was also nominated for best actress in a leading role. her dress was from badgley mischka and she also looked great in her dress.

the next one is carey mulligan in prada nominated for best actress in a leading role. i didn't like her choice in shoes but i really admire her short hair.

the next one will be sarah jessica parker in chanel (she presented the award for best costume along with tom ford) whos dress reminded me of one of those empire-dresses. i like it very much.


and last but not least zoe kravitz with papa lenny. i couldn't find out which designer she is wearing, but i will. i like very much the two colours in her dress. she really is grown up.


pictures: the huffington post (1-3), in style (4) and les mads (5)


Elveny said…
Uh, nice dresses. Except that from Carey Mulligan, don't like that at all. But I never liked dresses that are so short in front and so long in the back.
amanda james said…
i know what you mean, but i like the embroidery very much. it's really whimsical with little forfs and spoons and stuff like that ;-) therefor i choose the dress. though i could'n find a close up-yet
Christen said…
McAdams, Gyllenhaal and SJP were my top three!
amanda james said…
i liked maggie gyllenhaals dress too. i am not sure about the colour. i think it wasn't appropriate for an award ceremony. it looked too 'beach-like', if you know what i mean...but the dut was great and it titally fited her.

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