etsy and cut magazine

as i told you i went to the new etsy labs party in berlin. and i must say it was really nice but really, really crowded. it seemed half of the diy people were there. but it was very interesting. 

 and i liked the room where all the etsy things were displayed a lot.

very crowded was it around the diy table where you could do your own jewellery

and of course you could purchase the new edition of the cut magazin along with the second edition. (the first one is still sold out :-()

besides the crowded rooms, people seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. i think it has a lot to do with the music (although noone really cared to dance), the beverages (free beer, applejuice and water along with cute little cut out cardboard mustaches and glasses) and the food (rostbratwurst and veggie spits- which were great. very tasty.)

and this is what i took home :D

if you want to know more read here and here ;-) but be warned it's in german!

and i am sorry for the (mostly) blurry battery nearly died...


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