miniature apartment

i recently stumbled over brinjas little blog where she shares a lot of great things with the online communtity. among other things like great pictures, things she creates for herself, her newborn or her shop (yes, she is a shop owner in cobenhavn) she shares her passion for her self made dollhouse which is a miniture version of her home. 
not only build she the body of same dollhouse. she also creates and builds the tiny little furniture all by herself. isn't that impressing? i think it's a wonderful piece of art and i am glad she allowed me to show it to you. the local newspaper also made a little feature which you can find here (but only in danish so just have a look at the pictures)

as you might have noticed: she rearranges thing from time to time, like she does with her 'real' home ;-)
it always makes me smile and think of my dollhouse i had when i was a kid.

and it seems she is not the only one with this passion. you can find examples here and all over the blogosphere ;-) (i.e.: decor8, design is mine and marvelous kiddo )

pictures are taken from brinjas blog and i want to say thank you for being so kind!


Christen said…
I am beyond impressed. She is so talented!
amanda james said…
oh yes, she is. i was so stunned when i saw her blog. and it always makes me smile ;-)
Cookie Queen said…
Very nice and impressing! And so tiny...
My brother and me watched a lot of arte the last days, lots of the hayao miyazaki movies (he just added 6 oder 7 dvds of his films to his wishlist ;)), we love them! Unfortunately we missed Kiki, my favourite of all.
Brinja said…
Thank you so much! I fell so very hounered :)

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