my dyed dress

i purchased, a few month ago, a beautiful vintage dress. unfortunately it was a bit seen through. i wan't sure what to do about it. so i asked a few friends of mine what i could do. and we came up with the conclusion of dying. i did it with other things, i.e. my curtains are in a lovely chocolate brown, but i wasn't so sure about the delicate condition of the dress. well, i did it and it went very well. it is not seen through anymore but still looks gorgeous. and i have to thank dotti. she gave me some advice if a fabric is able to be dyed or not.

befor and after

detail and me wearin it (i just put it on for the picture)

as i told you. it still looks gorgeous. 

picture taken by me.


Cookie Queen said…
You're right, it looks gorgeous!
Christen said…
Wow! That's so impressive :) I can't get over how well it turned out. Yay you!
Elveny said…
Absolutely gorgeous! You look fabulous :)
amanda james said…
thank you so, so much ;-)

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