pink panther

the fact the sun isn't shining and we still have to wait for warmer weather makes me rewatch a lot of my dvds lately. and believe me i got quite a collection. not as much as a dear friend of mine, but it is nice and colour coordinated by the way. today i rewatched the pink pather from 1963. i loved the movie as a kid and i love it even more, now that i am older. and now i realised yves saint lautrent did the costmes for claudia cardinale and capucine. they are so, so lovely. 

unforunately there are no good pictures of the costumes. so, i looks as if you have to watch the movie ;-)

pictures are from google picture finder.


Tomiii said…
I love the pink panther.
I watched it everyday, wehen i was a child.

I hope, the english is ok^^
Tell me, if I´m wrong.

I need a feedback for my english exame x33.,

amanda james said…
hello tomiii,
i am sorry but i am the wrong person to ask. i am not a native speaker. i am german. if you liek you can comment in german here ;-)

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