friends will be friends

no matter how far away from each other. this is a declaration which was proofed this very week. my friends are so great, not only welcoming me warmly in their homes. they also send me great post cards and cute little packages! 

i was so surprised by the postcard i received on wednesday i nearly cried. it wasn't expected and therefor it was so, so cute. 

 but i told you about a package too. this little fellow doesn't came so unexpected. my dear friend k wrote me that there is a surprise coming along. well, i didn't knew what to expect but only to expect. and to open it to see what she put together so lovely. i nearly felt my heart sink. and i must admid i feel a tiny little bit homesick though everything here is working out very fine so far. to make a long story short-have a look for yourself.

k put an extra effort in sending me all the things she knows i would love to have. and she never fails btw.  if you want to know where she got all the goodies. no worries i tell you: the little candle holder and the tin tea box are from moses. the little thin booklet is from correspondances and the environmental friendly bag is from envirosax. that cute little pinkish booklet is made by her. she surely know how to make paper (goods).  

i surely have the best friends in the world! and the best readers! thanks for the lovely comments or for just stopping by. i really appreciate it.



Elveny said…
How lovely! :) 'Twas a pity you couldn't come yesterday but we'll meet soon, okay?
amanda james said…
yes, we will meet soon-when i'm settled.
Sarah said…
Ah don't you love great friends. They give me warm fuzzies:)

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