i am sorry!

yes, i really am. i didn't mean to neglect you, but it just so happened i don't have any time at all to write or search through out the internet to keep this blog going. i still try to figure things out here in frankfurt but it is oh so hard. i never thought it'll be this way. work seems to be good. i got a lot of stuff to learn which is always a good thing. and living wise it is also good. anna is a fantastic friend. she is more than helpful withe everything and organise so much things i didn't know due to not living here. in the middle of next month i am able to move into my room and i am so excited to do so. (actually i can't wait.) i am playing with my sketches to find ot how my room looks the best. but i am not sure. i guess i will see while working on it. but so far my colour scheme and furniture seems to fit. and yes i will have a trip (or two) to the local ikea store. but when it comes to accessorizes i will buy things from local shops around my street. which is a great street. whith a lot of little shops and cafes. so, there are a lot of things i have to tell you when it's about time.


Christen said…
Take your time and enjoy the process of settling into a new place. I'm sure there is a lot to take in. Have fun and we'll be here when you're back!
amanda james said…
thank you so much! that means a lot to me.

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