i am baaack!!!

finally i am able to blog again. why it took me such a long time you really don't want to know. (ok. honestly i don't want to talk about it because it's to upsetting. even in germany it takes some [long] time to get someone who can fix your somewhat broken internet connection).

well, if you all want to recall- i moved. to frankfurt-city. and then i moved, or was about to move, again to the outer area of frankfurt. which is good for me writing my thesis, but not so good shopping wise and other things you like to do when in living in a town. but, i don't want to complain. i try to make the best out of it. the nature, i am surrounded by, is truely lovely. i have made new friends here and it seems we (my roommate and i) are having a cat in the near future. and i like the idea in that. and, i very much was looking forward to fill my emty room with new things or things i brought here from my hometown or i got as a hand me down from friends. and i will tell and show you a tiny bit of my room now. 

this is my new bed. i bought it on etsy for 5euros.and i love it. actually it is from ikea a few seasons ago, but i fell in love instantly. in my room in berlin i don't have the space to get me a iron bed with that high a food end. but living here now, i just thought: why not? 

this is my new desk (very clean i must admit). which i got from the father of my room mate. she asked her father, if he would be so kind to give it to me-and he was. i really like it and i think it is somewhat danish or so. if you could help me out with this i will be very thankfull.

i'd like to share some more, but somehow blogger got some issues with my picures. so, if you wanna have a look at some other things i bought or just got or brought with me go to my flickr account and there you find some more ;)

(pictures taken by me.)


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