lineanongrata you say? what's that? does she speaks in tongues now? no,i am not.  it's the name the shop of julia, who i discovered, well, yeah, more recently. so to speak. i got this brooch for christmas from a dear friend of mine. and i thought what a cute thing it is. thing is/was while i have my mind full of other things i totally forgot about it. but after setteling again and going through my things i found it again. and while there was no name tag on the brooch i just googled 'dreamy elephant' and found lineanongrata. as i took a look around in her shop i just saw the cutest things and loveliest illustrations and had to share immediatly. so, have a look for yourself. it is worth it!

above: the brooch i got from my friend below: illustrations from the shop

pictures: 1, taken by me; 2 and 3 are taken from linenongrata's shop

she also has a blog and can be found on dawanda.


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