oscar-fashion 2011

tonight were the oscars and i am pretty sure a lot of you guys have watched it. i am so glad colin firth got his award for his stunning performance in the king's speech. which you have to see-if you haven't already. it got its oscar for a reason.

well, as i did last year i will do this year: talking about the dresses i really liked on the red carpet. 

like last year i want to start with the actress who won the oscar for best female in a leading role: natalie portman. i think she looks very great in her rodart gown. even her earrings matches the colour of her dress perfectly.

the next one is michelle williams, who was nominated for an oscar as best female in a leading role for her performance in blue valentine (which i haven't seen yet, but will) i admire michelle williams for her effortless style (and her longer pixie-cut hair). her dress was from chanel.

next one in line is helen mirren, who looked as stunning as ever. it should be declared illegal to look as gorgeous as she is in her age. (i so wish i look just a little like her, when i'm in her age) her dress was from vivienne westwood couture and i think the colour suits her fine.

the next one isn't an actress but singer celine dion. her giorgio armani prive dress seems to me a very good choice.i really like the simplicity of the cut.

and last, but not least, jennifer hudson, who won the oscar for best actress in a supporting role in 2006 for dreamgirls. the colour of her versace dress is a great choice and she looked amazing.

i know i finished last year here. but this year i think one dress shows that the oscar isn't all about dresses the ladies wear (apart from the little man, the all want so badly), but about the movies. and i think no other person can show that more than helena bonham-carter in a dress designed by the costume designer colleen atwood from alice in wonderland (who won an oscar for exactly this film). both ladies show that there is no fashion but film. and i think helena bonham-carter looked absolutely amazing in her dress.

so, what do you think? which was your favourite dress? and did the film, the actor, actress won, you wanted to win? i like to hear from you.

pictures were taken fom instyle.com


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