isigami is an origami orientated form of paper work. it was developt by a museum worker, who doesn't know what to do a) with the little scraps he got from scratching the tickets and b) with his hands while standing and watching. so he started to create these little creatures. if you want more check out his blog (which is in german-but you can look at the pretty creatures anyway) or have a look at this article (which is also in german)

a friend of mine, who was visiting hamburg for a short trip brought me a little isigami she did for me. and she tought me how to do it myself. 

and this is what she brought me along with a slightly bigger version i made

i send my version to a friend of mine for her birthday. i am pretty sure she likes it.

this little frog is another present my friend gave me. i think it's pretty awesome.

pictures are taken by me ;)


Ismet Apaydin said…
Congratulations ..!!! Very good work !!!! :)gencyc

Greetings from Hamburg

Ismet Apaydin
( Isigami Artist )
amanda james said…
Thank you very much! Coming from you this is a very huge compliment!
goorek said…
Hi Amanda!

I hope that you make with Isigami further and the new characters in your blog shortly publish ... I wish you much success and fun.

friendly greetings from Hamburg

Ismet Apaydin

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