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hey there,

i know i am a terrible blogger, for not showing up here a bit more often, but to be honest i am feeling a bit uninspired and not creative enough to share things here on my blog. i hope it will change and i hope i can drop in once i a while. for now, i show you a little something which might help me to get in a creative flow again.

i really like number 24. although i think it's always better to know the rules first and then breaking/bending them ;) i think you know what i mean, don't you?

source: idea-obscura


...and be just yourself my dear Mandy...with or without creativity manifesting currently in your life. Maybe there is need to focus on life's other aspects right now...

Creativity is bliss sourcing from within and too much thinking about it actually blocks the way...there are so many who believe they are creating nowadays....in fact lots are simply doing nothing else but following rules and recipes...

...something made {or performed} with true love and attention while being connected only to our deepest selves, is original creativity...

Take your time...perhaps you wish to act again...this is so very creative as well and suits you so!

..better not allow yourself to be deceived by our super market/ fast food / easy money society...times are changing...it's time to look deep within...there magic can happen...

See you soon,
take care of you!

Iro xo
amanda james said…
hey iro,

thank you so much. you know i always struggle with myself. but i am working on it. i think i just need some time to adjust and then i come back very slowly.

besides of that, there are other things on my mind i am focusing on.

and there is one way i am creative with. it's my camera. my friends loved my pictures! and that is something i start to be proud of :D

so it's not a negative thing i blogged her, it's just a reminder, when one struggles. struggle is good. meaning it makes you think about thinks and whats important to you and in your life :D

i hope to sse you soon,

amanda xo

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