Stripe Mania!

Hey there,

did you noticed Hollys blog post about Blogger wearing stripes? I do love stripes and i thought i participate in this one. I think one can't have to many stripey things. for i own not only one but four striped shirts in all kind of variations. and i own some scarfs and i own a bag with green stripes which is my summer bag. i am currently wearing it with everything 'coz it's perfect. and it's summer. well, holly also created a pinterest board so you can see all the lovely bloggers out there who are wearing stripes-like yours truely. 

i hope you have lovely day ;)


The Bookness said…
Hun, my blog changed.

follow me there instead.
amanda james said…
I've noticed and follow you ;)
Design Elements said…
stripe fan too :-) schönes WE!
amanda james said…
ebenfalls ein schönes we!
jools said…
hey Amanda,

may I ask where your shirt is from ?

I saw the same one but in blue on a girl at the airport and didn´t ask, but REALLY love it. And now I noticed you on Hollys pinterest board and HAVE to know :-)

All the best, Jools
amanda james said…
hey jools,

sure you can ask. the shirt is from h&m ss2011. you can buy it online or in their shops. i also have it in blue. and they have it yellow too. which i really liked but isn't 'my' colour though.

if you can't find it anywhere you can have my blue one. i like it but i am not so in love with it as i am with the red one.

all the best to you too,
jools said…
Hello Amanda,

wow, you´re lovely for offering that, thank you.
It´s simply great to encounter such friendliness and generosity unexpectedly.
I´m going to look around a couple of H&M´s here and let you know.

Have a great week, Jools xx
amanda james said…
hey jools,

did you find your blue top? if not, as i said before, you can have mine. i think it'll be in good hands ;)
Anonymous said…
Great to see a German writing an English blog roll. I google for "Amanda James", who lives in India. But somehow, I landed here !

Loved the 33 Ways picture and more of your blogs !

It looks like you live your life together with Internet.

Good work. Keep posting and I'll pass by your blog atleast few times a month.

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