exhibition time

hey there,

as you might know i am from berlin. and every time i got time i am on my way back to my hometown which is always nice. spending some time with family and friends, get to know my old neighborhood again, purchasing little thingsyou only get when you in your hometown...you get the idea.

well, this time i went to two exhibitions which are taken place in berlin right now. 

the first one is called gesichter der renaissance  ( renaissance faces )and it's held at the bode museum which is always a place to visit when in berlin.it is renovated and it looks better than it used to be (i know for i was in there when there was still the gdr).

the exhibition shows portraits of people painted by renaissance painter like andrea mantegna, fra filippo lippi, sandro botticelli and leonardo da vinci. just to name a few. and i can tell it is a great exhibition.

leonardo da vinci - dame mit hermelin

sandro botticelli - idealbildnis (städel, frankfurt)

sandro botticelli (gemäldegalerie, berlin)

the next one is kind of totally different. it is held at the martin gropius bau (near to potsdamer platz) also new renovated (not as new as the bodemuseum, but you know what i mean. don't you?) 

well this one actually is about the japanese artist hokusai.
it's called hokusai-retrospektive ( hokusai- retrospective). 

it shows the development of this great artist who is known in europe for his serie about the mountain fuji including the well known big wave. his art has a huge impact on european artists of the impressionism i.e. gauguin, manet and others.

the big wave 


so, if you are visiting berlin in the next couple of month i suggest to have a look at the great pictures in these exhibitions. i really liked the shown art for many reasons and it reminded me why i started studying art history in the first place.

have a niceday,



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