for k.

hello lovelies,

k is a very dear friend of mine and she knows that I have a slight addiction to nailpolish. other than in my ordinary clothes I like my nails with colours. not the ordinary red. no way! it has to be pink, blue, green and lilac and of course black. and since there are sparkles all over nails now I couldn't resist on painting my nails with a little sparkle here and there. so k wanted to know, a very long time many nail polishes I own. quite honestly: I have no idea (since I took the pictures there were a few newcomers into my collection).

so, with this I leave you to same collection. (and I hope k ist satisfied ;))

as you can see most of them you can easily buy at the local drugstore.

and now two pictures taken with my cellphone camera. just to show you the sparkled nails ;)

the upper version I wore on christmas and the other one on new years eve.

for further information don't hesitate to ask.

I wish you an nice week


pictures taken by me


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